Many electricity providers offer plans where you pay the same fixed amount for electricity every month of the year, regardless of how much you use. In every bill, you are told what you could have paid, and what you actually have to pay, underscoring the savings you receive. Sounds like a great deal!

Only problem is, it almost never is. If you read the fine print, many electricity providers calculate the fixed monthly amount in a way that you end up paying a lot more than you would otherwise. Some others carry over the difference of what you would have paid had you not been in the program, and tack it at the end of your contract, essentially billing you 13 times for 12 months. Unless, of course, you renewed you contract for another 12 months. If it sounds unfair, that’s because it is.

We at Energy Ogre read the fine print on over a thousand different electricity plans, and we only consider ones that are fair. We pick the plan that is best for you, and we handle switching you to the plan, as well as cancelling your current provider. And since we are only paid by our members and not electricity providers, we only have our members’ best interest in mind.

Energy Ogre’s Savings Calculator lets you plug in what you paid on your last bill, and shows you how much we could save you. It also tells you when we can’t save you any money. And with our 100% money back guarantee, using our service is a no-brainer. Come check us out today!

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