Imagine you’re at the grocery store. There are two bottles of water for sale. Same water inside. Same packaging, even. The only difference is the price. It wouldn’t be a difficult choice. You’d pay the lower price, keep more of your money, and enjoy your drink.

The decision to switch electric providers for your home can be that simple as well.

Some people feel unsure about switching electric providers. What if the new provider doesn’t have enough power and causes you to lose electricity? Or what if their maintenance crews aren’t as fast or efficient?

How can you tell what’s inside the water bottle, so to speak?

In reality, who you choose as your retail electric provider (REP) has no impact on electricity production or its delivery to your home. These providers are not responsible for, nor do they have preferential access to the wires or other infrastructure. This is the job of the Transmission and Distribution company (TDSP) and this delivery utility is the same for all REPs serving in the same area.

When you sign up with an REP, the TDSP reads your meter and notifies them how much you used. This allows the REP to calculate your bill including their fees. In other words, an REP’s role is strictly financial and has no impact on the actual energy you consume. So if it’s the exactly same electricity you would get either way, why not pick the provider that gives you the best price for it?

We at Energy Ogre watch the market for thousands of rate plans offered by hundreds of electric providers, read through the fine print in the contracts and select the offer that makes the most sense for our members. We take into account rate variability and fees that can sometimes be hidden.

Try our Savings Calculator right now to find out if we can help you pay less!

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