cities deregulated in Texas

If you live in any of these deregulated cities in Texas listed below, most likely Energy Ogre will be able to assist you.

Note: Some cities may have portions of the city that are deregulated and portions that are regulated. We are showing the zip codes that have deregulated meters. However, using our savings calculator is the easiest way to learn if we can service your home or business.

For example, Flower Mound, Texas has a population of close to 70,000 and is largely regulated.  However, there are over 11,000 deregulated meters within the city.

What Cities are Deregulated in Texas?

Here is a map of deregulated cities based on zip codes.

Deregulated Areas in Texas

In the chart below are zip codes that are deregulated.  If you live in these zip codes, you can choose your electricity provider.

The Deregulation of Electricity in Texas

On January 1, 2002, the Texas State Legislature decided to deregulate the electricity industry and open up the supply of electricity to competition.

Now, 85% of Texas energy consumers can choose their electricity service from a variety of retail electric providers (REPs). The current utility in the area still owns and takes care of the local power lines (and is the company to call in the event of a power outage) and is not subordinate to deregulation.

Customers served by cooperatives can choose an alternate retail provider only if the utility has “opted in” to deregulation.

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