Ogrevation – that feeling in the pit of your stomach when your electric bill skyrockets. It’s an icky feeling. You were trucking along just fine, and then suddenly – BAM! KABOOM! SHABOW! Your electric bill skyrockets into space out of nowhere.  What happened?  Is this legal?  It certainly isn’t fair. And that, friends, is ogrevation.

The laws and regulations around electricity deregulation were set up in order to protect consumers. The is so residential consumers couldn’t be auto-renewed. That is, auto-renewed into term contracts without their expressed approval. This means that residential users have to be careful. They MUST understand when their contract term ends with their electricity company.

Frequently, electricity companies will roll their consumers who come out of term onto a variable rate plan. This is when your electric bill skyrockets. But not until the end of the contract. Sometimes the variable rate plan can be a good rate. But, often and depending on the time of year, it is not. Are you feeling the ogrevation yet?

In many cases, the really good rate product that you may have signed up for is designed to expire.  Right before the summertime, of course. Isn’t that tricky of them? If you aren’t careful you may find that you are on a higher variable rate as you hit your highest use months of the year.

Energy Ogre breaks this cycle for our members. We stay on the lookout for better options
while actively maintaining your account with your retail energy provider. We switch you to the best option available before your contract ends. So, you never pay for unpredictable variable rates, or absurd out of contract fees.

Think of Energy Ogre as the aspirin that cures severe cases of ogrevation.  Plus, we’re a pretty easy pill to swallow. At least, we think we are!