Escape Griddy Price Spikes. Become an Ogre.

We’re sincerely sorry you experienced first-hand the effects of being exposed to real-time market rates and their extreme volatility. Since every second counts right now, Energy Ogre is working ogretime processing all incoming Griddy members as quickly as possible.

We want you to understand we are different than Griddy in our beliefs and in our approach.  

Unlike Griddy, we are not a provider. Energy Ogre works on behalf of our members to keep them in competitive fixed-rate electricity plans to avoid ever overpaying. We also have access to custom rates not offered anywhere else in the Texas market, so you can be assured you will always be in the lowest plan possible.

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Below is a recap of what we provide.

How Does Energy Ogre Work?

  • Our technology analyzes hundreds of electricity plans currently offered
  • Our system also allows us to secure custom plans with below-market rates for many members
  • We enroll you with the electricity provider offering the best plan for you
  • We create your online account for the electricity provider
  • We manage your automatic payments
  • We monitor your usage
  • We stay on the lookout for better deals
  • We take over customer service


Our agents perform most of the regular customer interactions with providers. There are some instances when you’ll need to be on the line as well, but we’ll be right there with you.  We know the statutes and standards that electricity providers must follow so we can hold them accountable on your behalf. 

Need to update your payment method, phone number, or email address? You can do so directly in our member portal Energy Ogre Connect and we will take care of updating your provider.

Literally, ANYTHING you need, we are here for you.

You’ve been through enough. Save your time and energy for what’s important and leave the rest to us.

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**NOTE August 16, 2019 – 5:00 pm: We are unable to enroll you in a new plan during the weekend because of legal third party restrictions. We realize every second counts; so if you need new service immediately, you could go directly to a provider and they may be able to enroll you right away. If you do sign up with Energy Ogre over the weekend, please monitor your email inbox and respond with any requested information. This will allow us to expedite your switch process on Monday morning.