Energy Ogre Partners With Kidz1stFund

Energy Ogre is proud to announce our partnership with Kidz1stFundKidz1stFund’s mission is to raise awareness and funds towards a cure for Fanconi anemia. Kidz1stFun was established in 2011 by Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher & Candi Fisher because their younger son Ethan was diagnosed with FA.

Whats is Fanconi anemia?

Fanconi anemia or FA is a rare hereditary blood disease that leads to bone marrow failure. Because the marrow fails, it no longer makes the needed numbers of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Kidz1stFund reports that this uncommon blood disease affects about 1 in every 131,000 people. People with FA experience a wide range of symptoms including shortness, dark and light areas of skin, abnormalities of the arms and hands, kidney problems, heart defects, hearing problems and others.  Over time their blood count will decline eventually requiring a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. Since Fanconi anemia affects blood cell counts, it also increases the likelihood of developing leukemia and other cancers.

In 1995, only 1 out of every 7 bone marrow recipients with FA survived an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant. Today, due to new treatments made possible by foundations like Kidz1stFund, that number is 6 out of 7. The life expectancy of those affected is increasing every single day due to these new advances. The average life expectancy for a patient with FA is 29 years. However, an increasing number of patients are living into their 30s and beyond.

Jimbo Fisher and Kidz1stFund will not rest until a cure is found for FA. They encourage people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry. To learn more about joining the National Marrow Donor Program, please visit 

Energize the Fight against FA by Donating to Kidz1stFund

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Energy Ogre is committed to funding hope by Energizing the Fight against FA.

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