Life-Saving Home Technology

It’s 2019.  You are never without your smartphone.  Cars are fed energy, not fuel. And your home is seriously connected.  Technology is king, and we’re definitely a generation that embraces it! From devices that will help you be more energy efficient at home, to amazing apps designed just for homeowners, technology is everywhere.  So, it’s really no surprise that life-saving home technology is also just as accessible. We protect our smartphones with cases, our cars with garages, our homes with video cameras…. why not protect ourselves with the same technology?

  • Nest Protect – Smart Home Smoke Detector

    This baby is super duper smart!  It’s a smoke detector that offers so much more. It can connect to a GE smart oven.  Yep, you’ll never leave the house wondering if you turned off the oven again! The Nest Protect knows when the house is empty. So, if you leave with the oven still powered on, it’ll send you a sweet little text to let you know. Another cool feature of the Nest is that it can connect with heating systems from Rheem. If smoke, carbon monoxide or CO2 are detected, the system is immediately shut off.  Oh, it also alerts you via your smartphone so you can get the heck out of your house.

  • Frontpoint Home Security System

    Home security isn’t only there to protect your belongings! Sleep comfortably, knowing that your home is protected from intruders that could cause you harm. Life-saving home technology wouldn’t make much sense if it didn’t include home security, right?  There are plenty of great systems on the market.  This Frontpoint system is one of our favorites.  It has amazing reviews from thousands of happy customers. It offers compatibility with tech gadgets like Nest and SkyBell. Plus, you can pick your package to create the home security experience that makes you feel warm and fuzzy (and safe!). It monitors doors and windows with sensors, has video monitoring via security cameras, offers home automation (lights on and off, etc.) and much more.  You can skip the “beware of dog” sign when you have a stellar home security system.

  • Smart Water Detectors

    Your washing machine suddenly begins to leak. Big whoop, right? That’s not life-threatening…is it?  Obviously, you aren’t going to drown when your basement floods a few inches. However, smaller leaks that are harder to detect could cause you and your family serious harm.

When water leaks are left unattended, that’s when the mold begins to flourish. Yuck!  Not only is mold grody to the max and a total inconvenience, but it’s also dangerously unhealthy.  If exposed to black mold long enough, the spores can shut down your organs, destroy your immune system, cause brain damage, and even lead to death.  Yikes!  Smart water detectors will alert you to areas where water is found when it should not be there. Before flooding begins, you’ll know you have a leak.  When you know you have a leak, you’ll be aware of hidden areas that need serious cleaning to avoid mold spores growing. And when you know that, it can save your life.  All because of a tiny device that senses water, temperature, and humidity.

  • Calling 911 from Home Devices

    An intruder gets into your home and is threatening you and your family. You need help, and you need it NOW. Can you call 911 emergency services using your Google Home or Amazon Alexa (or Echo) device?  Unfortunately, that technology is still in the works.  The short answer, for now, is, “no, you can’t call 911 from Home or Alexa.” However, there ways around it. If you have a landline or voice over IP service (think Ooma or Vonage), you can buy an Echo Connect box for 35 bucks.  It will connect your phone line to your Amazon Echo device.

Another option you can enable is Ask My Buddy, a FREE service for both Amazon Echo and Google Home. Basically, it will alert anyone in your Personal Alert Network that you need help and they can connect with 911 if needed.  If you fall down the stairs and break your legs, or an unexpected fire breaks out, or an intruder gets inside – you’ll have help on the way in no time.

When you tell Alexa or Home, “Ask My Buddy to send help!” it will send a text, email or voice call to your designated contacts for you.  Not a bad feature while we wait for the red tape stopping the devices from just calling 911 for us!  Something else to keep in mind – if your smartphone is near you when you need emergency help, and you own an Apple or Android product, you can ask Siri or Google to call 911 for you.

Who knew technology could save lives?

Life-saving home technology is easily accessible and terribly necessary. After all, it’s your life, and that’s pretty important.  As technology keeps advancing, we’ll continue to see more devices that can save lives. Right now, we’ll take the smoke detector, home security systems, water detectors, and emergency help.