Hey.  HEY!  You wanna color with me? Let’s throw some blankets down on the floor, dump our buckets of crayons, and get to this coloring page! Max and Robogre are on an adventure in the city. Color this snapshot of their adventure, and then let your creativity take control. Color Max red and make Robogre purple. Put polka-dots all over Max’s pants and t-shirt, and give Robogre stripes. Create some lightening bolts and make the clouds rain. Your imagination is the limit when you fill in this coloring page!

Here’s a fun way to get creative:  use finger-paints!  Try your best to stay in the lines, and mix colors to create new ones. It will create a really fun and different look, plus you get to get your hands dirty.  You could also finger paint first, let it dry completely, then grab your markers. That makes for a really unique design filled with lots of depth and artistic flair.  We love flair. Add the flair. Then add a little bit more. That’s how you really do a coloring page!

Make sure and send your children’s masterpieces to us and we will share with our fellow ogres! Hey, adults can send us their final pages, too.  We don’t discriminate! It doesn’t even need to be that great. You could color just their eyes and we would still be proud to have your art.  Here’s how to shoot your picture to us, so we can put it on the fridge:

Send it to us

Shoot us an email: membercare@energyogre.com
Shove it in an envelope and mail it to us: 24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 725, Houston, TX 77046
Share it on Facebook and tag us: https://www.facebook.com/energyogre
Post it on Twitter and tag us: https://twitter.com/EnergyOgre
Make a paper airplane and throw it in our general direction.
Put it in a bottle and throw it overboard in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll get it eventually.