In honor of National Coloring Book Day, here is a fun Energy Ogre Coloring Page featuring Max!

Well, hello there!  Would you like to color with me?  Today is National Coloring Book Day. To celebrate, I’m having a blast filling in this awesome Max page. Max is all decked out in his finest honky-tonk attire, complete with a belt buckle, boots, hat and a scarf. I might even draw some spurs to kick his boots up a notch.  That horse in the background may just sprout a horn on its forehead, too.  Who knows?  Our imaginations are the limit today!

To honor National Coloring Book Day, here are some fun facts!

  • National Coloring Book Day started in 2015.
  • The McLoughlin Brothers invented the coloring book in the 1880s, and created the Little Folks’ Painting Book.
  • Crayola started making crayons in 1902.
  • There is a Golden Girls coloring book.
  • Coloring is awesome. That’s a fact.

Make sure and send your children’s (or yours) masterpieces to us and we will share with our fellow ogres! Hey, adults can send us their final pages, too.  We don’t discriminate! It doesn’t even need to be that great. You could color just their eyes and we would still be proud to have your art.  Here’s how to shoot your picture to us, so we can put it on the fridge:

Send it to us

Shoot us an email:
Shove it in an envelope and mail it to us: 24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 725, Houston, TX 77046
Share it on Facebook and tag us:
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Roll it into a school, tie it with a bow and put it in a raven’s mouth. Then release the raven in the direction of Houston, Texas.
Fax it to us!  Just kidding. It’s not 1992 anymore. We don’t have fax machines at our high-tech company.