As with any masterpiece, there is only one original. Energy Ogre is embracing being Ogreiginal. We are unique in the energy space and the service we provide to consumers; however, the concept of what we do—hiring experts to make decisions that require a lot of domain knowledge—has been around for ages, even in the energy industry. Larger commercial consumers have always done this, but it just wasn’t feasible to do this work for residential customers. That is, until now. Did we mention, we save most folks up to 40% off their electricity bill? Yep, that’s the best part!

Consider this: When you have leaky pipes in your home, who do you call? A plumber. When your car breaks down, where do you go? An auto repair shop. The idea of hiring a professional who has the expertise to save time, money and a whole lot of headache is not a new concept. So why should it be any different when hiring an expert to choose the best electricity provider plan based on how you use energy?

The amount of effort involved in regularly monitoring usage, constantly running it against what’s available in the market, and making the changes would be quite significant. It is unlikely that you would be able to get the same results as our systems by doing this manually. While it is technically possible for you to do what we do yourself, for $10 per month most of our customers decide that they prefer to have us take care of it all.

Once you get over the mindset block and recognize that you don’t have to shop for electricity in this confusing market on your own, you’ll soon recognize hiring a resource can be a financially wise decision.

Still believe it’s too good to be true?

We firmly believe that a deregulated electricity market is a great deal for Texans. However, most of us truly haven’t benefited from it. The folks that actually pay attention to their electricity choices often feel like the game is rigged against them–and for good reason! Anyone that has taken the time to read through an electricity facts label (EFL) would agree that the process is far more complex than it ought to be. We have spent more than 13 years becoming experts with the rules and regulations of the industry. Plus, we read every word of the fine print. That’s pretty ogreiginal in this market!

While we can’t change the game, we do know how to play it really well.

Still not convinced Energy Ogre can help you save?

These are common questions you should ask yourself before hiring an expert. And in “Ogre” fashion, we’ve taken the liberty to answer them for you too!

Does Energy Ogre have a track record of repeated success?

Check out hundreds of testimonials from Energy Ogre members on Facebook, BBB, and Google.

Can Energy Ogre demonstrate how their process will save me time and money with more than just testimonials?

We offer a free savings calculator that will crunch the numbers. It shows you how much you could save, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Does Energy Ogre have 10,000+ hours of experience doing what I am looking for in the industry? Have they been there, done that?

We have spent more than 113,880 hours becoming experts with the rules and regulations of the industry, but who’s counting :)!

So why does it sound like it’s too good to be true? Maybe because we really like what we’re doing–maybe a little too much. You could say we are a bit ogre-the-top about it. Learn more about Energy Ogre and sign up!