Step 1: Share Energy Ogre

with your friends and family.

Whether it’s your mom, or your next-door neighbor, sing the Song of the Ogre loud and proud. 

Step 2: Earn points when they

enroll using your referral code and

they’ll also get a free month!

Recently, we improved our Refer-a-Friend program. Now, the referrer and the referral each receive an incentive. 

Step 3: Choose how to redeem your points!

Thanks to the program’s changes, the referrer receives: either a free month’s credit OR a $10 e-gift card.

The referral receives a free month’s credit.

Step 4: Sit back and relax — you’ll be rolling in the dough soon!


A little goes a long way. After all, which of your friends and family couldn’t benefit from saving money! If your referrals are unsure if Energy Ogre can help them, send them straight to our Savings Calculator.

There, they’ll get a free savings estimate, and they’ll know exactly how much they’re overpaying.  

Refer A Friend Frequently Asked Questions


Who can take part?

 Only existing residential members validly enrolled and using Energy Ogre.

How do I get started?

 Log in to Energy Ogre Connect, our member portal, where you can share your own unique referrer code.  You can share directly to Facebook. Or share your link via email or on other social media accounts.

How long does it take for me to get credit?

Once a referral signs up to become a member, they have sent in a bill, approved an analysis and received two bills from their provider, you will be credited the points to be used either as credit or an e-gift card.  This can take 60 days or more. You will be able to view the amount of referrals through your member care portal.

Where do I redeem my points?

 Through our member portal, Energy Ogre Connect.

“I have signed up a ton of people in the past.  Can I get credit for them?”

First we want to thank you for sharing the Energy Ogre love!  We are happy to give you credit for previous members you have signed up.  Can you give me the member’s name and where they live? Please keep in mind, we can only allow this for up to 10 members.

Why are you using a point system instead of just gift cards or cash?

We are using a point system as we hope to add other options and give members extra bonus points down the road for certain actions taken.  We want the point system to be a fun way to earn not only credits, but gift cards and more!

Is this for residential and commercial?

Sorry, at this time we only offer our refer a friend program to residential members.

I paid already for the year, so the credits won’t help me.  Can you issue me a refund?

Yes, in this situation we can offer you a refund or credit you for the following year renewal.

What kind of e-gift cards do you offer?

We are affiliated with TangoCard where there are hundreds of gift card options to choose from. 

I haven’t received my e-gift card.

The e-gift cards will be sent from Tango. Please make sure to check your spam inbox as well. 

Want to see how many points you currently have?

Log in to Energy Ogre Connect.


For more information, please see Energy Ogre Refer A Friend Program Terms and Conditions