Excuse me, can we have two minutes of your time?  Just 120 teeny, tiny seconds to find out if you are overpaying for electricity in Texas?  Two minutes to try out our Savings Calculator. We understand those two minutes could be spent making your bed, microwaving a Hot Pocket, or even trimming your toenails. But, wouldn’t it be great if those two minutes could save you a bundle on your home electricity?

Go ahead, put down those toenail clippers (slowly), and head over to Energy Ogre’s free Savings Calculator!  This calculator is part of Energy Ogre’s ongoing effort to ensure all Texans in deregulated electricity markets are getting a fair deal at a fair price.

You’ve probably heard the stories or seen the reviews. Energy Ogre saves our members up to 50% of what they were paying.  However, we understand there are still some out there that are a little skeptical about our program.  We’re looking at you, Susan. Hey, we get it, you’ve been burned and don’t want it to happen again. That’s why we decided to become YOUR advocate. Although, contrary to popular belief, ogres actually LOVE being helpful. As long as we keep their tummies full.

Ok, now go use your remaining minute and a half to check out our free tool: Savings Calculator. It calculates what you are currently paying. Then, it compares it to the thousands of electricity plans currently on the market. Finally, there’s no commitment.

How the Savings Calculator Works

  • Grab the most recent copy of your bill
  • Enter how much electricity you used, the amount you paid, and when your bill was due (note: if you are on average billing, use the amount you would have paid if you weren’t in the average billing program)
  • Select if the heating in your home is gas or electric
  • Enter your zip code
  • Enter your current retail electricity provider
  • Click the calculate savings button
  • Prepare to have your mind blown

Here’s where the magic (err, math) happens.

You’ll be able to see the rate you are currently paying. A chart will show you how much you could save with the current plans on the market.  This is calculated by predicting how much energy you are expected to use over the next 12 months from the month of usage that was put in. The rest of the months are calculated from how your usage compares to the average energy consumer. Therefore, if our calculator sees we can’t save you cash, we will tell you AND give you kudos for picking a great plan!

The chart will show you 10 plans that are currently available in the electricity market and how much you would save with each one. The options include plans for 3,6,9 and 12 months.

You will also see a graph of how much your electricity bill would be if you were in one of these plans.

When selecting a plan for you, we look for the one that keeps your bill as low as possible throughout the term of the contract.

Don’t forget: If you have questions about the results or our service, you can click the chat option in the bottom right corner of the Savings Calculator window and a friendly ogre will be waiting to answer your burning questions.

So, want to see one of our specialists explain our Savings Calculator?

Here is a video of Jackie Olivares from our analysis team breaking down the details of how it works. If that adorable face doesn’t convince you to join the ogre family, I don’t know what will!

Give it a watch!



Nobody has a favorite bill. We’d like to change that.

Try out our free Savings Calculator and get your own personalized estimate of just how much you can save in electricity for your home.

Hopefully, your savings go ogre the roof!