What is the Energy Ogre fee?

At Energy Ogre, we work hard to make sure you get the electricity you need cheaper and easier. Our customers pay us $10 a month for our services. But what does the fee really do? Other than saving you time shopping 10+ pages on websites like Power to Choose, our skilled and passionate techs save you money. Here’s what we do for our fee:

Perform millions of calculations behind the scenes.

  • At Energy Ogre, we make the often ogre-whelming onboarding process simple. Using authorized agents, we access your historical usage data to see how much energy you used in 15-minute intervals. This helps us develop a custom demand profile unique to you because nobody uses electricity the same way! We run your profile against every rate program, typically up to 500-700 applicable ones in your area, and mathematically select a program that fits your individual consumption pattern. Then we use forecast models to estimate what your energy usage will be in the future. Getting all this data is difficult, and most customers don’t know how to gain access to useful information. We do it for you!
  • We work to figure out your future consumption and what your unique usage looks like to determine if the retail electric provider (REP) and its rate fit all of your requirements. Using your historical data, we find the best overall rate for your lifestyle. And you don’t have to ogre-think it.

Enroll you with a new electricity provider.

  • Hate talking to your electricity provider? Our techs handle any technical issues with the sign-up process by dealing directly with the REP. And, if and when we find a better rate elsewhere, upon your approval, we break up with your current provider for you, so you don’t have to deal with the mess.

Takeover customer service.

  • When you join the Energy Ogre community, we become the ultimate customer service contact. Whether your credit card has expired or you have a billing issue. Or you need to file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), we’ll update/renew/file/address/handle it all for you.
  • Say goodbye to being on hold. As experts in the energy business, we have the skills and experience to manage all of your electricity needs and work with your provider to get things done. So you stop ogre-paying and start living your life.

Monitor and make sure you don’t fall out of contract.

  • Energy Ogre not only ensures the enrollment process is smooth and easy the first time around. But, we also continue to monitor your usage and your contract for as long as you’re with us. That means you never have to worry about falling out of contract. Similarly, you don’t have to search ogre and ogre and ogre again for a new electricity provider.

At the end of the day, your $10 monthly fee goes a long way. Accessing, aggregating and analyzing your usage data. Constantly researching new plans for better rates, Energy Ogre puts your monthly fee to work. Sound like a great deal? We think so. That’s why we don’t have any contracts of our own. You can stop using Energy Ogre whenever you want. But with outstanding service and an average customer savings of 40 percent, we think you’ll love being a part of the Energy Ogre community.