When you are an Energy Ogre member, you can sit back and soak up the sun. Know that we’ve got you in the best electricity plan at the best price.  But that’s just a small part of what we do for the $10 monthly membership fee.

We consider our relationship to be comprehensive and cohesive. We ensure you are always in a fair deal at a fair price.

Our job on your behalf includes:

  1. Set you up on the best electricity plan based on how you use electricity.
  2. Monitor your bills to ensure the electricity provider has not tacked on unnecessary or additional charges and fees.
  3. Keep track of what you are paying versus new rate programs coming into the marketplace. We will alert you if there are better options.
  4. Answer questions in regards to your electricity provider.
  5. Handle problems with the electricity provider.  We know the rules, statues, and standards that electricity providers are expected to live up to and we hold them accountable on your behalf, including filing complaints if necessary.

Energy Ogre CEO, Jesson Bradshaw shares more on the value of this membership fee including problem-solving and keeping providers accountable to our members.

Yep, when you’re an ogre, we’ve got your back!